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It's now all there!
Hello world! Little Comet is finally feature complete and is now in closed beta. Unless some kind of mother of all bugs reveals herself during the beta pahse, t...
2 files — 1.0
Almost done
Hi, As you might have noticed, the version number is getting awfully close to 1. Here are the new features for the last alpha version: New chapter: Venus Telepo...
1 file — 0.9
Astronauts Ahoy!
Hello spacefarers! We have finally reached Earth and that of course means meeting the humans! In this new chapter, little comet lends a helping hand to some los...
1 file — 0.8
The red planet
Mars might be 225 million km away from Earth, but it's already in the neighborhood of mankind. In this update our little star will be introduced to satellites...
1 file — 0.7
Asteroids ahead!
Hello everyone! The latest update takes our little star into the crowded Asteroid field. Avoid traffic, play a game of billiards with new friends and remember t...
1 file — 0.6
If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the Solar System
I just got back from my vacation in sunny Hainan and it means it's time to get back to business! In this release our little star-shaped protagonist approaches t...
1 file — 0.5
Racing on the rings of Saturn
Took a bit longer than planned, but 0.4 alpha is now out. This release introduces a new character: Rocky the AI. Race against him and win to earn a star. As you...
1 file — 0.4
Uranus smells like farts
And that's a science fact! In this release, Little comet faces her most dangerous obstacle so far: electric fences. Touching them will give you a shock and send...
1 file — 0.3
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