Update 1.4

Greetings cosmic travelers!

Release 1.4 is mostly about some small UX improvements. Here's the full change log:

  • You can now start slingshotting from anywhere on the screen
  • Increased the length of the slingshot to give you more control over the strength
  • In-game UI is now white instead of orange, making it more visible against some backgrounds
  • All courses now have an icon in the course select, making it easier to find your favourites
  • The tutorial glove in course 1-2 is now a bit smarter and hopefully a better teacher
  • Added music to the title screen


Little Comet for macOS 66 MB
Version 1.4a Sep 20, 2019
Little Comet for Windows 68 MB
Version 1.4a Sep 20, 2019

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