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Amigo Tracker is a quirky music player for Playdate that plays ProTracker modules.

Want to hear it in action? You can listen to a clip of ultrabass by Phase / Agoa here (1.15).


  • Nostalgic Amiga -esque UI
  • Plays files from local storage
  • Supports most common 4 channel .mod formats
  • Crank mode!
  • Comes with three cool demo songs*
    • cs127 - Stars
    • Zilly Mike - Gone Forever
    • Alpha C - Skylark


  • Amigo Tracker uses a custom Playdate MOD player library that currently doesn't support all of the various Exx effects. These effects are pretty rare, but with some bad luck the lack of their support will affect your playback. Obviously there might be some bugs to fix too.
  • Due to a Playdate SDK restriction with sample loading, the player caches instruments in the Game Data folder when you play them for the first time. These files will effectively double the space required by a song and increase loading times considerably. Fortunately the files are rather small and the module will load a lot faster when you open it later.

How to transfer files?

  1. Run Amigo Tracker at least once on your Playdate. This will create the Data folder and make things easier for later steps. You can exit as soon as you get past the intro.
  2. Connect to a computer using a USB cable and hold LEFT+MENU+LOCK until Playdate goes into external drive mode.
  3. Locate the folder Data/user.xxxx.fi.outgunned.amigotracker (xxxx being your user id) and transfer your mod files there. You can arrange your songs in subdirectories if you wish. Be careful not to touch anything outside this folder!
  4. Eject drive from your computer OS to reboot Playdate
  5. Open AmigoTracker. Your files should show up on the RAM disk "drive", but if they don't, you can try restarting the device one more time.

Where can I find MODs to play?

For example The Mod Archive. The site has lots of cool old and new songs for your enjoyment. They're all free for personal use.


You can check upcoming features and known bugs from Trello:

*) Demo songs are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Floppy sounds by ullvieib, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Updated 3 days ago
AuthorOutgunned Games
Made withPlaydate
TagsAmiga, Music, Playdate, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Love the updates so far, when you are happy with it down the road a while, you should consider making a C64 SID player.. that would be amazing as well. Thanks for your hard work!

Does this support other tracker filetypes like s3m or it? Or just mod?

Just mod.

Got it. Any plan to support other file types in the future? Was be awesome to crank to some Unreal Tournament tracks.

Sorry, not at the moment. I have some concerns about performance, but also really just want to scope the project down to a manageable size.

Hey 1.13 update looks great, It seems to really improve playback of many mods I have, but I did find one you might want to take a look at, "MagicPockets_intro.mod" while it plays back ok enough, it almost has a bit of jerky pausing going on with some of the notes in the mod (like it has some kind of 1/2 second pause "note" in the entire mod track. Maybe some other kind of oddity happening you might be able to resolve.. thanks for all your fantastic work.

Thanks, I’ll check it out when I have time.

Found the bug. The song should play nice in 1.14

(1 edit)

I can only seem to get songs to be recognized if I put them into the "Demo" folder, is there anyway to make my own folder to keep them apart from from the main files?  I tried putting mods in Data/user.xxxx.fi.outgunned.amigotracker {where xxxx was my userID number} and it didnt seem to recognize them.. ??? Can you elaborate on this maybe give some specific examples on how this works as I can't seem to get it working.

That’s odd. It should have worked.

The directory is created automatically when you start the app, so there’s no need to create it yourself. You can also have subdirectories in the latest version and they’ll show up in the file browser too.

I restarted my playdate and it seems to have worked, the directory was there, it just wasnt finding the mod files I added, initially the mods I added were not showing up in the ram disk, now they do after restarting the device, thanks!

Great that you got it working!

I’ll add restart to the documentation in case someone else encounters it. Might be a weird Playdate file system thing.

Here’s what my Data folder looks like in disk mode. settings.json is created at startup and modplayer.cache when you load a song.

And this is how it shows up in the app.

This is awesome! If you would make it a real tracker, not just a player, I would give you my creditcard number :)

It sure would be sweet, but a full tracker is a huge undertaking. Maybe some day. :)

Love this player, but I noticed a mod I have (a favorite of mine) "mr. cox in mumbai.mod" has some weird playback issues, it kinda works, but kinda doesn't .. I know your player is still new and working issues out but wanted to throw this mod out to you as a possible test mod .. thanks for your work!

Sounds like a timing thing. I’ll see what I can do

Turns out there were three separate bugs affecting the song. Works pretty well now :)

-> Fixed in 1.10

Nice thanks for taking a look! Will be looking forward to giving it a go!